THOR 151

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The wide format thermo press THOR 151 is designed for printing by means of thermal image transfer. The device embodies company engineers’ many years experience based on numerous tests. It is designed specially for performing large amounts of work. Moving interdependent worktops provide 2 times increase of printing volumes.

The design of major units has a multiple assurance coefficient. Frame is also strengthened and based on a solid steel bed. Application of unique engineering solutions preserves geometry of plate and reduces risk of its deformation due to thermal expansion. The press is equipped with reliable pneumatic system manufactured by Italian company Camozzi. Strong clamping of printing material is provided by 4 pneumatic cylinders with a total pressure of 35-60 kg.

The most important element of desktop thermo press is the wide heating plate sized 159 x 109 cm made of heat-conducting aluminium alloy. Heating elements cover the major part of its surface. The special attention is paid to corners and edges, which are equipped with a triple heating line. Intellectual temperature control guarantees maximum deviation of just 1o C across the whole surface of plate. Additional advantages of THOR 151 are low power consumption and possibility of connection to single-phase network of 220 V.

For operational comfort the thermo press is also equipped with operation panel including “Start” and “Stop” buttons, position sensor for moving worktops and protection against random movements during working cycle. High-capacity wheels provide mobility and ease of transportation. Initial ventilating scheme for smoke exhaust is provided as well. The set of thermo press includes a special liner made of polyester fibre.


Print area

150 х 100 cm

Sliding work tables

151 х 106 cm (2 work tables)

Operating temperature range

25 - 230 °С

Temperature deviation

no more than 1 °С


36 months

Timer setting

0 - 100 sec/min/hour


220 V / 37 А / 1 phase


8.2 kW

Pneumatic system


Automation system


Aluminium plate

159 х 107 cm

Power cable

3 meters, 3 х 6 section



Smoke exhaust

flange hose Ø15 cm

Dimensions (mm)

W 1700 / L 2300 / H 1300


550 kg


Polyester fibre 150 х 100 (3 pieces on the table)

Magnetic fixing of tables


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