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The desktop wide format pneumatic thermo press THOR 97 is designed for professional printing by dye sublimation method. The model embodies company engineers’ many years experience based on numerous tests and the urge to make design more handy, reliable, light-weight and affordable. It is used for thermal transferring of images to various surfaces, heat fixing of films, patching and clamping of direct prints.

Compact sizes and light weight provide easy setting of flat thermo press on common table that can be found in any workplace and saving money on its delivery. High-powered holddown of heating plate is achieved due to reliable pneumatics manufactured by Italian company Camozzi and provides working in semiautomatic mode, which helps to save pains and time. The plate is automatically lowered in the beginning of working cycle and lifted up in its end.

Even heating and clamping over the whole printing surface are provided by aluminium-alloy plate, heating elements of which cover its major part. To compensate heat losses in corners and along edges of the plate there is a triple heating line applied. Temperature deviation makes not more than 1 degree across the whole surface. Electronic timer and temperature controller are easily adjusted to necessary operation mode.

The worktop moves across the guideways and can be fixed in printing area and material laying zone. The set of press includes a printing liner of polyester fibre. The additional advantages are low power consumption and possibility of connection to single-phase network of 220 V. The wide format thermo press THOR 97 can be connected whether to magistral pneumatic system, or to mobile compressor with operational pressure of not less than 6-8 atm. The latest design of wide format thermo press is also available in bigger size of 120 x 80 cm. Learn more about THOR 128.


Print area

90 х 70 cm

Sliding work table

95 х 75 cm

Operating temperature range

25 - 230 °С

Temperature deviation

no more than 1 °С


36 months

Timer setting

0 - 100 sec/min/hour


220 V / 27 А / 1 phase


Polyester fibre 92 х 72 (2 items); SF foam 92 х 72 х 3 cm (100 kg/m3)


6 kW

Pneumatic system


Automation system


Aluminium plate

90 х 70 cm

Power cable

3 meters, 3 х 4 section



Dimensions (mm)

W 1200 / L 1450 / H 650


170 kg

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