THOR 171

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Large-format thermal press THOR 171 is designed for printing by thermal transfer image. The thermal press embodies the many years of experience of the company's engineers, based on numerous tests. Designed specifically for large volumes of work. Mobile interdependent desktops will increase the print volume up to two times.

The design of the main nodes laid multiple safety margin. The frame is reinforced and is based on a sturdy steel frame. The use of unique engineering solutions allows you to save the geometry of the heating plate and eliminates the risk of its deformation during expansion. The press is equipped with a reliable pneumatic system of the Italian company Camozzi. A powerful clamp of the printed material is carried out by 2 pneumatic cylinders, providing a total pressure of more than 4500 kg.

The most important element of a tablet thermal press is a wide heating plate 179 x 109 cm from a heat-conducting aluminum alloy. Heating elements cover most of its area. Particular attention is paid to the edges and corners where the heaters are laid in a triple circuit. Intelligent temperature control guarantees a maximum deviation of only 10 ° C over the entire surface of the plate. An additional advantage of the THOR 171 wide format thermal press is its low energy consumption, as well as the ability to connect to a single-phase 220 V.

For convenience, the thermal press is equipped with a control panel with START buttons and an emergency stop button STOP, a position sensor for moving work tables and is equipped with protection against arbitrary movement during the work cycle. Heavy-duty wheels provide mobility and ease of transportation. The initial ventilation preparation for the organization of smoke removal. The kit comes with a polyester fiber backing.


Print area

170 х 100 cm

Sliding work tables

171 х 106 cm (2 work tables)

Operating temperature range

25 - 230 °С

Temperature deviation

no more than 1 °С


36 months

Timer setting

0 - 100 sec/min/hour


220 V / 37 А / 1 phase


8.2 kW

Pneumatic system


Automation system


Aluminium plate

179 х 109 cm

Power cable

3 meters, 3 х 6 section



Smoke exhaust

flange hose Ø15 cm

Dimensions (mm)

W 1900 / L 2300 / H 1300


650 kg


Polyester fibre 178 х 108 (3 pieces on the table)

Magnetic fixing of tables


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